Art Classes

Wednesday Acrylics Painting class, Spring 2010
2011 Acrylic Painting classes
with painter and teacher Karen Lynn Ingalls

Class Description:
In this class, you will explore acrylic paints and develop your painting skills, learning the basics of values, composition and design, color in theory and practice, and how to create harmonious color in your painting. You will learn different ways to apply paint to a surface, and different ways to approach a painting, looking at the work of many artists for inspiration and education. Our approach is to paint with a spirit of experimentation and discovery, and to learn to see anew. 
Wednesday Acrylics Painting class, Summer 2010  © 2010 Yvonne Henry
Each class session varies a little, depending on the needs, wishes, and requests of the students. For instance, in the spring of 2010, we focused particularly on brushwork, color, and portrait painting. During other sessions, we have looked at subjects such as perspective, grid painting, and using a grisaille as an underpainting. 

This class is designed for beginning, intermediate, or more advanced painters.

Wednesday Acrylics Painting class, Spring 2010
Wednesdays or Fridays, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., in four-week sessions
See session dates at:

At the new Calistoga Art Center space
in the Cropp Building, Napa Valley Fairgrounds, 1435 North Oak Street, Calistoga

$60 for 4 weeks of classes – 12 hours of class time
Drop in for a class for $25

Register online at, or call Karen ahead of time to let her know you'll be there.

Wednesday Acrylics Painting class, Spring 2010

"When I considered starting this class I contacted Karen Ingalls and asked if she wold be able to take a "Rank Beginner" in the class. I knew nothing of brushes, paints or technique. She said "Absolutely!" and welcomed me into the group wholeheartedly. During this course I learned a lot about technique, mixing colors, and looking at objects more closely. I can't tell you how enjoyable it has been and how tickled I have been about being able to produce some paintings. I'd even have to say that an onlooker could identify what I was painting! Karen also is great at presenting work of the Master Painters, discussing their techniques and style, and encouraging each student to grow with your own personal style. I saw a lot of development in all of the students in the class."
— Cindi Buell, Santa Rosa

Materials you'll need:
For the first day, bring:

  • Acrylic painting brushes – for the first day, bring whatever you have. You'll need a range of sizes, but you can begin with two or three brushes. If you are about to buy new brushes, buy filberts (it's a particular shape of brush).
  • Water container, preferably plastic
  • Paper towels
  • Masking tape
  • Palette
  • Paint: titanium white (you'll buy other colors after the first day) – and, if you already have them, whatever colors you currently have
  • Acrylic painting paper or canvas paper (preferable) or watercolor paper – at LEAST 9"x 12" – larger is GREAT!
  • "The Masters" brush cleaner (a small tub will last you quite a while)

For the rest of the semester, add:
  • Paints: whatever you already have, and whatever colors you choose after the first day
  • Acrylic painting paper, canvas paper, canvas boards, gessoed masonite, or canvases as your painting surfaces – your choice.

Any other questions:  email Karen Lynn Ingalls at

Wednesday Acrylics Painting class, Spring 2010
"Classes with Karen are fun. She does formal teaching at the beginning of each class, but most of the time is spent painting. Every one gets individual attention. I had no idea if I could paint when I started taking her classes. It's very subtle, but you learn a lot, and everyone makes continual progress. She is very supportive of individual styles and gives really constructive feedback. Thanks, Karen, for a wonderful, relaxing three hours every week!"
– Patricia Campbell, Santa Rosa

"I have been taking classes from Karen Ingalls for approximately two and a half years. She is an amazing teacher. Her demos have always been very instructive and helpful, yet she allows each of her students to create/paint where their interests lie. I have been painting off and on my whole life, but have never understood how to use a palette of three to four colors to blend and create a painting that is so much more pleasing to the eye. 

She has also taught me how to create a focal point using lines, color combinations, shapes, etc. She is always positive when critiquing our work, but also encourages us to move out of our comfort zones into a place that enables us to grow in our own individual styles. She NEVER paints our paintings for us (which I appreciate!!), as some of my teachers in the past have done. This always made me feel that the painting was not truly my own. I have learned so much from Karen, and plan to learn more as I continue to take classes from her!"
– Sally Briggs, Calistoga