Art Workshops

2011 Summer Art Workshops

All workshops taught by Karen Lynn Ingalls in Calistoga. Workshops scheduled for 2011 include:
  • Painting Landscapes
  • Painting Collages
  • Sketching Calistoga
  • Soft Block Printing
  • Paint, Stencils, and Relief Printing: Adventures in Mixed Media
  • Block Printing Studio Time – dates, times, and location to be announced
You can find more about Karen's art workshops at

Here are descriptions of some of 2010's workshops:

Sweet Old Love Song   © 2010 Karen Lynn Ingalls

Mixed Media Painting and Collage
October 9, 2010, from 1 to 6 PM
Calistoga Art Center
$55  for art center members; $75 for non-members (membership is only $20)

Learn how to combine acrylic painting, scribbles, collage elements, and other mixed media techniques to create paintings. Today, we'll also learn how to create and use stencils in the creation of mixed media paintings. 
This workshop is about playing with the elements of art in creative and experimental ways, and is designed for both beginning and experienced painters. It's a great way to give yourself a creative jump start! See the materials list below,* or contact Karen in advance if you'd like to purchase materials in class.

Soft Block Printing:
Creating Designs for the Holidays
October 23, 2010, from 10 AM to 5 PM
Calistoga Art Center
$65  for art center members; $85 for non-members (membership is only $20)

Interested in creating your own block-printed cards, or fine art prints you can give as gifts? Learn all the basics of printmaking with soft blocks (similar to, but much easier to work with, than linoleum block or wood block printing) and non-toxic, water-soluble inks. You will learn how to design and cut the block for printing, how to ink and print greeting cards and fine art prints on paper. 
Bring your own materials, including potential design ideas (see materials list below **), or contact Karen to let her know you will purchase materials in class.

Block Printing Studio Time

This is non-instructional time for block printers! We will set up inking stations and print, print, print all day long. 

What do you bring? Your block, paper, water-soluble ink (no solvent-based inks), brayer (that has not been used for solvent-based inks), a surface for inking (plexiglass sheet, disposable paper palette pad for acrylic painters, or printer's bench hook), and your creative spirit! This is time to print and to share the printing process with other block printers.

Dates, times, and location to be announced… contact Karen for further information. This will be a regular activity.

More about the workshops...

  • All workshops given at the Calistoga Art Center, 1336A Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, California (on the second floor - access it from the walkway next to the building)
  • Workshop times: 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.
  • Workshop fees: $65 for Calistoga Art Center members, $85 for non-members (membership is only $20 per year)
  • Call Karen for more information at (707) 942-0197 
  • Register for workshops online at or call them at (707) 942-2278
  • Materials fees pay for all the materials you need for the workshop. Check with Karen – email, or call (707) 942-0197 – for a materials list if you would like to bring your own materials and supplies. You can also download materials lists at

More about the artist...

Karen Lynn Ingalls is a Napa Valley Open Studios artist and California credentialed teacher whose artwork, including paintings, drawings, collages, and life-sized painted sculptures, have been exhibited on both west and east coasts. Karen has taught art classes and workshops in subjects including acrylic painting, collage, mixed media, drawing, portrait painting, landscape painting, and soft block printing, to adults and children in Napa, Sonoma, and Monterey counties. She believes that making art in the spirit of experimentation is good for both the soul and the art. You can see her artwork here at, and see her art teaching blog at

Please contact Karen for more information at (707) 942-0197, or email: karen AT (rewritten to avoid spammers).

* Mixed Media Materials List

•   Acrylic paints in colors of your choice – tube paints, fluid acrylics, OR craft paints in bottles will work (they have less texture)

•   Surfaces to paint on – canvas; watercolor, acrylic, or canvas paper; gessoed masonite; or canvas board
•   Disposable paper palette (comes in a pad) or paper plates (the kind with a slightly waxy surface)
•   Brushes in a range of sizes
•   TWO water containers (preferably plastic – i.e. yogurt or cottage cheese container)
•   Paper towels
•   Golden soft gel (gloss) or (semi-gloss) – a small container will be fine
•   "The Masters" brush cleaner – a small tub is fine
•   Masking tape


•   Graphite, pencils, crayons, acrylic ink pens or acrylic paint markers – your choice
•   Photocopies of your own interesting photos (or family photographs?), enlarged to sizes you might like to work with
•   Magazines with interesting images
•   Specialty papers: art papers, mulberry or rice papers, origami papers, other?
•   Rubber stamps
•   Other items? Old paintings or drawings on paper? Greeting cards? Music? Post cards? Stamps? Playing cards? Scrapbooking papers? Letters or journal pages? Small coins?

** Soft Block Printing Materials List

•   Water-soluble ink in color or colors of your choice
•   Disposable paper palette (used for acrylic painting) for inking
•   Soft rubber brayer for inking
•    Large wooden spoon, hard rubber or acrylic brayer, or Baren for printing

•   Linoleum block cutter (preferably LinoZips safety cutter, available at Village Art Supply in Santa Rosa) – a handle with cutting blades in a range of shapes and sizes
•    Soft block for block printing – preferably the pink Speedy Carve blocks from Speedball, in 4"x6". It looks like eraser material.
      Other types of soft blocks include beige Speedy-Cut soft block from Speedball (less durable), beige Safety Kut, or Staedtler Master Carve gray soft block.

•   Card stock in white and your choice of colors for printing greeting cards
•   Paper for block printing (rice or mulberry paper, if you like) to make fine art prints
•   Paper for test prints (copy paper works fine)
•   Graphite paper (one or two small sheets is fine)
•   Tracing paper, if you need to trace your design or drawing for transfer to the block
•   Pencil
•   Painter's tape or masking tape
•   Paper towels
•   Toothbrush to clean block before printing (an old, soft one is best)
•   Drawings, photos, and designs you would like to work from

Optional Materials for Block Printing Studio days (depending on what you want to do, including multiple colors)

•   Foam core board to make a key for registration, if you want to print more than one color
•   Exacto knife or mat cutting knife, if you have one, for registration key (we can share)
•   Fabric to print on, if you'd like to try fabric printing (check Dharma Trading Company online if you want to try painting on silk). Non-silk options for fabrics include: cotton shirts from thrift or consignment shops, pieces of old sheets (bring several for experimentation and a special project!), white dish towels, canvas tote bags, T-shirts (although they're a bit stretchy)
•   For fabric printing, fabric paint in your choice of colors (note that some fabric paints are heat-set and some are not)
•   Foam paint brushes and a foam sponge (household type sponge)