Saturday, May 29, 2010

On My Easel

On the easel © 2010 Karen Lynn Ingalls

Here's what's on my easel currently. This began as my Earth Day demonstration painting. It's changed a bit since then. I'm thinking of calling it Sunny at the Top of the Hill. It is very close to being finished... I think....

I usually go back and forth between different paintings at the same time. I have two others in process that are 20"x24", and have been working on a number of smaller mixed media pieces in the interim as well. I like going back and forth between them. The extra time gives me a chance to listen to what each painting is trying to tell me about what it needs next.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Art Workshops, finally!

At last, the subjects and dates are confirmed, and everything is set – the workshops I will be teaching this summer will be:
  • Exploring Acrylic Paints
  • Mixed Media Painting with Fabric and Collage
  • Painting Abstract Landscapes
  • Soft Block Printing (a two-day workshop! But it can also be taken for the first day only)
  • Painting the Costumed Model
It's been tough deciding which classes to teach. I have a couple of other ones that I'll put on hold for a bit yet. I am looking forward to them (and these)!

These will all be taught at the Calistoga Art Center, here in Calistoga, California. I have listed more information on both the workshops and my classes here on my blog – just click on the tabs near the top of the page (under the banner) to find out more.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Workshops this summer

I'm still debating about the subjects of the workshops I'm planning to teach this summer, though I need to firm everything up within the week. Exploring Acrylic Paints and Soft Block Printing are definite. Creating Abstract Landscape Paintings, Portrait Painting (maybe in two sessions), and Mixed Media Painting with Collage are all possible — and maybe Watercolor Painting with Acrylics (using acrylics like watercolors).

I won't be teaching them all, but choosing is hard! I'll consider requests and preferences when making my decisions, for anyone who wants to chip in their two cents' worth....