Monday, June 14, 2010

Pear painting in progress

This weekend I painted two simple paintings of pears, as the light changed. I decided to photograph the painting process of the second one. Here it is....

In the first stage, I've established my composition and blocked in the underpainting. Things will change a bit before everything is finally completed.

Here I've painted in the next level of the composition, breaking things into smaller shapes and layering my colors. I'm using a limited primaries palette — titanium white, cadmium yellow medium, cadmium red medium, and cobalt blue.

I've layered the colors further here. These paints were a bit on the transparent side (ordinarily unusual for these pigments), so the layers finally begin to have some opacity.

Here, the painting is nearing completion — I ran out of time, though the light was still lovely. I'll definitely do a little more around the stem — I'm not sure if I'll add anything else.

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