Monday, January 10, 2011

Spring 2011 painting classes at the Calistoga Art Center

Karen giving a painting demonstration, in the current Art Center in Calistoga's historic Masonic Building • photo © 2010 Erik Bolijn

The new year has arrived, and it's time for my Acrylic Painting classes to begin again at the Calistoga Art Center. This will be the Art Center's last month in Calistoga's historic Masonic Building, on the main street in town. The light there is spectacular.… Feel like painting objects in light from the windows? Painting the street views? This is your last chance.…

Painters at work in the Spring 2010 Acrylic Painting class

The first four–week session runs from January 12th through the beginning of February. We'll have one four–week session on Wednesdays, and another on Fridays, both from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.

Then the Art Center moves to its new location, in the Cropp Building, at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds, 1435 North Oak Street, Calistoga. We'll have 3,000 feet of space! With skylights, concrete floors, and a big parking lot! It's going to be a wonderful space for us — I hope you'll join us – or come by and take a look during our Open House coming in March.

The remaining spring sessions will be:

February 9th through March 18th
March 23rd through April 15th
April 27th through May 20th

You can find more information online at

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