Sunday, August 29, 2010

Classes begin again on September 1st and 3rd

Our painting space in the Calistoga Art Center,
1336 Lincoln Avenue (second floor), in Calistoga

My Acrylic Painting classes begin again at the Calistoga Art Center this week, on Wednesday, September 1, from 1 to 4 PM, for the Wednesday classes, and on Friday, September 3, from 1 to 4 PM, for the Friday classes. You can register online at

The classes will run in four-week sessions. As always, I will address the needs and interests of students attending each class, in addition to teaching principles and practices of composition, design, values, color, and materials, and introducing both historical and contemporary artists.

For anyone who doesn't know how I teach, I pay particular attention to diving in and learning to ignore the critical voices in our heads that tell us what we do is wrong or bad. Our inner critics may mean well, but that kind of judgement impairs the creative process. Art happens when we send our inner critics out for coffee. Sound good? I hope you'll join us!

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