Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Napa Valley Open Studios 2010 - first weekend

Interior of the Calistoga Art Center, transformed for Open Studios, during a brief lull

This year for Open Studios, I'm sharing the space at the Calistoga Art Center, here in the Napa Valley, with my delightful friend, the wonderful photographer Yvonne Henry (who is also this year's catalog cover artist). It's a big space, once we have it all set up. Here are a few photographs... I'll post more later.

Yvonne's side of the space, with work from her "All Things Organic" series on the walls, and more work from it and from her other series in print racks and on tables

A mostly–late winter–early spring series, including sheep, vineyards, and mustard.

More of my work

The golden colored paintings, of late summer–to–autumn. I brought in Morning Celebration (resting on the floor), so visitors could see its progress, but it isn't yet finished.

We've taken down all but the wall work, so classes can get their classroom space back, but everything will go back up Friday night for this weekend, our last for the year. This weekend I will also bring at least twenty of my old costumed model studies, too, as Open Studio specials. Last weekend, I just ran out of time to make one more trip to the studio for them....


  1. Karen, I like your work and would like to visit your studio. The golden collection looks beautiful to me. What is the studio address. I will be coming from the airport area. My friend who lives in Kenwood sent me your info. Anna Kuhre 650 685 6931

  2. Anna, I just now saw your comment - thank you so much! I am so sorry I didn't see this until now - I will give you a call.