Friday, November 26, 2010

A (cyber) wall of paintings

Wall of paintings • image and paintings © 2010 Karen Lynn Ingalls

I've posted fourteen of my paintings on Facebook (, in an album, California Landscape Paintings - Portfolio 1, that, when viewed all at once, becomes a (cyber) wall of paintings, with the images stacked salon-style. I'm enjoying seeing the color and impact of them viewed all together in a way that they could never be seen in life, because of the differences in their sizes and the difficulties of finding a wall big enough....

Lofty Oak, private collection
chosen by Senator Pat Wiggins for her 2008 holiday card
© 2003 Karen Lynn Ingalls

Next week, I'll be traveling to Sacramento with painter Molly Corbett Kruse. Three years ago state Senator Pat Wiggins chose our work to grace the walls of her office. During an arts advocacy day not long after, when arts advocates met her to lobby for the arts, she enthused about my paintings, including Country Road, the top left painting on the wall above. She also chose another of my paintings, Lofty Oak, above, as the image for her holiday card the following December. Because of her love for our work, what was originally intended to be a six-month show was extended indefinitely.

Now that Senator Wiggins's term has ended, Molly and I will pick up our paintings on Tuesday. We're looking forward to a tour of the Capitol! After I get home, I intend to rephotograph a couple of them, and add them and one or two other paintings to the wall.

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