Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer colors

Golden July was engaging and challenging for me to paint - in this spot, the grasses were turning to the colors of summer, but had not yet all become that bright straw color of early-to-mid summer. The field was a kaliedoscope of greens, yellows and oranges, and it took me layers and layers of glazes, scumblings, layerings, and repaintings to capture its essence.

Conn Valley Road View began its life as a demonstration painting for the Napa Valley Art Association. That was the first time I'd done a demonstration in a setup with a large mirror behind me, so that viewers could watch my hands painting as I worked, while I faced them and talked. Painting and talking at the same time is a tough call - it works both sides of your brain simultaneously. Generally, painting, for me and many painters, means disengaging from logical, sequenced, left-brained thought and slipping into a non-verbal, non-logical creative zone. It's always fun to see what emerges on the canvas as my brain slips between the two modes, painting, talking, and answering questions. I very much enjoyed the day and the great questions participants had for me.

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