Monday, September 28, 2009

5 reasons why I love being a part of Napa Valley Open Studios

Selection of Mixed Media and Still Life paintings by Karen Lynn Ingalls

1. I get to show EVERYTHING I want. So, if I want to show some mixed media work, or little still life pieces in addition to the landscape paintings people are expecting (see above), I can. I love it.

Three paintings by Karen Lynn Ingalls from 2009 Napa Valley Open Studios

2. I'm part of a larger community - Open Studios artists of the Napa Valley - some of whom are friends of mine, and many others whom I know. I love being able to send visitors on to see the work of other artists I know they will enjoy, and it's always great when someone comes in and tells me that another artist, who sent them, said hello.

3. Arts Council Napa Valley - - does an incredible job of supporting and promoting the artists. Each year the catalog and website get better and better (how do they manage that?), and the wonderful staff at the Arts Council - Michelle, Kathy, Kristina, and Kate, and Kristine the website guru - really pull out the stops to find new opportunities for us.

Three paintings by Karen Lynn Ingalls from 2009 Napa Valley Open Studios

4. I get to meet the most wonderful people! I love the opportunity to meet people who want to look at my artwork. And when they really, really love what I do - well, who doesn't appreciate that? It's fun to get to hear which paintings are people's favorites, and what draws them to my work. I enjoy answering questions about my process, or how I came to be doing what I do, or whatever else it is people are interested in. And when people come from a distance, specifically to see me - well, who wouldn't appreciate that?

Six small paintings by Karen Lynn Ingalls from 2009 Napa Valley Open Studios

5. I've been showing my work at Graeser Winery - - this year and last. Last year, they liked me enough to ask me to be their Artist in Residence, so I have work up year round, and do other things now and then (such as a series of photographs of the winery and the vines in each season). This year, the second Saturday of Open Studios was also the day of their Harvest Party. What a hoot! People were having a great time. I'm looking forward to next year.

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